Blackwater Testing srl is a National Fenestration Rating Council Accredited Simulation Laboratory based in Italy. We offer NFRC simulation services to the window, door, and skylight manufacturers helping our customers to get the thermal values required in the building energy codes.

NFRC Certification

Blackwater Testing srl is the unique lab accredited to provide thermal certification outside the United States and Canada. This important approval is required in the mostly part of the North America continent. NFRC certification gives consumers the assurance that your product has been rated by the world’s foremost expert in window, door, and skylight performance, in addition to ensuring compliance.
Furthermore, it gives your product added visibility in the marketplace by being listed in the NFRC Certified Product Directory.


Thermal simulation for UFACTOR, SHGC, VT and CR.

Give your customers the assurance that your products have been rated by the world’s foremost expert in fenestration system.